Wednesday, August 31, 2011

IF - Disguise

Little Tommy disguised himself as John Wayne so no one would suspect he had lost his homework.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Inspired by Art Nouveau but unfortunately not much resembling it, here is a quick watercolor I did the other day.


This is last weeks IF (Illustration Friday's) theme, but I thought it was worth posting. Enjoy


When I was little we lived by the beach in Southern California and I remember once getting knocked over & under by the waves. I rolled & rolled and when I finally gasped for air my little lungs hurt, my eyes stung from salt water, and my body had little sores all over. To say the least it was traumatic.

Ever since then when I go swimming in the ocean I never go over the swells. I'd much rather go under the waves because I feel safer down there away from the rushing and crushing sea. If I were a mermaid, that is where I would be swimming. Because who wouldn't like to join their fishy friends & ride the swell?

Monday, August 22, 2011


Welcome to my new blog! After falling in love with blogging on my personal site, I knew I needed a spot for JUST my artsy fartsy (minus the fartsy) side. So, I will be posting things (both old and new) periodically as I draw doodle & dub them as done! So, to kick things off here is my most recent art

It is this weeks Illustration Friday challenge. The theme: INFLUENCE

I think this depicts one of young girl's most prominent influences. Growing up I thought my mother looked like the long haired version of Snow White. I loved her and being a child, wanted to emulate her. She was wonderful and let me beautify myself with her make ups and experiment with my own hair, which frequently looked less than flawless. But I love those memories of getting "dolled up" with mom on date night.