Friday, September 30, 2011


While the first thing that came to mind is a hibernating bear, my favorite hibernating creatures are toads. Just because I vividly remember watching Animal Planet as a girl and being amazed when they dug down into the snow and dirt and pulled out a sleeping frog. Amazing! Up until then I was fairly certain that bears were an anomaly, the only creatures to sleep through winter besides my brother.

I tried a different technique with the watercolors, using mostly just small circles. Overall I like the look, but I believe it needs some additional work. You can see the image I used for my inspiration.


  1. Wow. It took me a second to focus, but this is a great rendition of your inspiration photo! I love your colors.

  2. I really like the circles, personally. And I'm glad to hear that someone else is in the toad appreciation society. I think they're amazing.

  3. Nicely done. We have a big fat toad in our garden. I think we let it sleep through the doesn't look very attractive. And the thought of kissing it..arrgh.....prince or not...thank you.
    Your drawing is very nice with all those tiny circles.